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Examiner Exclusive: Actor Dave Foley talks Coopers' Christmas [26 Nov 2010|11:47am]

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Examiner Exclusive: Actor Dave Foley talks Coopers' Christmas

  • November 18th, 2010 2:53 pm MT
Dave Foley and Jason Jones star in "Coopers' Christmas."
Photo: Anchor Bay Entertainment

Dave Foley, one of the stars of the new movie "Cooper's Christmas," can relate to the yuletide dysfunction demonstrated by the family in the flick.

"I grew up in a house with a father who hated Christmas and he pretty much try to make it as miserable as possible for everyone," Foley explains. "So my Christmas was mostly in the movies and television specials."

When asked about his favorite holiday classics, Foley listed "It's a Wonderful Life," "Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas," "The Bishop's Wife" and, of course, "A Christmas Story."

In fact, Walt Disney Animation Studios last year gave Foley an opportunity to participate in a new Christmas classic of his own, a half-hour special titled "Prep & Landing."

Foley lends his voice to an elf named Wayne who, after getting a new rookie partner named Lanny (Derek Richardson), is reminded of the spirit of Christmas and the importance of being on Santa Claus's North Pole team.

A follow-up to the special is currently in the works but Foley notes fans will be happy to know that a seven-minute short dubbed “Operation: Secret Santa,” in which Betty White voices Mrs. Claus, will accompany ABC's rebroadcast of “Prep & Landing” next month.

Meanwhile, in "Coopers' Christmas," set in 1985, Foley plays Bill Davidson, a man who gives his brand new, state-of-the-art home video camera to Gord (Jason Jones), who then uses it to document his family's holiday. ("Movie Review: Coopers' Christmas")

Naturally, Christmas chaos ensues and Gord quickly discovers that some memories simply should not be recorded. Although Foley admits to being born prior to the home video craze, he is well aware of the medium's inevitable futility.

"With my own kids, I do what every parent does and shoot video constantly," Foley adds. "So I have hundreds and hundreds of hours of video that just sits in a box that nobody wants to watch."

Foley spends the majority of his "Coopers' Christmas" screen time in his birthday suit as it comes to light through brief snippets that, prior to giving the camera to Gord, Bill used it to make sex tapes.

Foley denies ever having made a sex tape in his own real life but says that he has gotten quite used to appearing in the buff for the sake of his art over the years.

"Once you get used to it, it's not a big deal," says the Canada native, who first bared his behind in the 1998 HBO miniseries “From the Earth to the Moon.” "I think in Canada, nudity is less of a huge issue than it is in the U.S. Americans are terrified of nudity - drawn to it but terrified."

Foley has a number of projects that are making their way down the film production pipeline, including a comedy called “Freeloaders” in which he plays himself. He also has a role in “Coopers' Christmas” director Warren P. Sonoda's next movie “Servitude.”

When asked about a "News Radio" reunion, in reference to the television sitcom on which Foley starred alongside Stephen Root, Andy Dick, Joe Rogan, Maura Tierney and Vicki Lewis from 1995 to 1999, the actor admitted to being undoubtedly on board.

"We're all still friends so I would love to get together with everybody and do something," Foley says. "I don't know what it would be and I don't know who would be interested making it but I think it would be a lot of fun."

“Coopers' Christmas” (U – 92 minutes) is now available on DVD at retail stores and rental outlets throughout the Valley.

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Kids In The Hall Admit They 'Pirate' Their Own Shows, Because They Can't Get Them Legally [19 Aug 2010|01:52pm]


Kids In The Hall Admit They 'Pirate' Their Own Shows, Because They Can't Get Them Legally

from the copyright-law-in-action dept

In a TorrentFreak article about a Czech TV station hosting unauthorized copies of the TV show Fringe on their server (the show appears on a competing station, and an employee had missed some episodes so he downloaded -- and then hosted -- them), there's a mention of a recent interview by Keith Olbermann of the famed Canadian comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall, where Dave Foley admits to having downloading "unauthorized" copies of his own shows via BitTorrent due to the difficulty of getting legal copies. He jokes:

"So I eventually just downloaded the whole series on BitTorrent. So I illegally downloaded. So come after me FBI!"
We hear this sort of thing all the time, and it sort of highlights the ridiculousness of some of what's going on today. When the easiest most efficient ways for content creators to get access to their own work is illegal downloading, perhaps it's time to realize that criminalizing this activity is a mistake, and the real problem is trying to force everyone into less efficient mechanisms?
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Comedian Dave Foley is a standup guy [19 Aug 2010|01:47pm]

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Comedian Dave Foley is a standup guy

McClatchy-Tribune News Service

It's a lucky thing that Dave Foley is good at comedy - because he's bad at everything else. "I'm terrible at so many things," says the star of the late sitcom "NewsRadio."

"I'm a very disorganized person in every other way. I'm very disorganized. Everything's straight in my head when I'm working, but when I'm not working, I can't balance a checkbook. I can't remember phone numbers. I forget appointments all the time," he says at a dining table in a hotel meeting room.

He laughs when it's suggested that maybe he needs a wife. He's already enlisted two, he says, ruefully. And those divorces accounted for his toughest times.

"Both of my wives changed the direction of my life," says Foley. "I'm single right now. I'm three years into being single this time, let's see how long it lasts. I know comedy gets the girls. I'll just try not to keep any of them."

Foley has reunited with his colleagues from the Kids in the Hall comedy troupe for a new eight-part series, "Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town" on IFC beginning Friday.
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Big in the 80s! [06 Apr 2010|10:52am]

Kevin and Dave from 'Kids In The Hall' have a new show 'Big In The 80s' and we've got a great contest for you! http://ow.ly/1tPUm
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Back in the Hall: Dave Foley [17 Mar 2010|01:00pm]

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Back in the Hall: Dave Foley

Well before Broken Social Scene, Toronto birthed its most formidable indie collective: The Kids in the Hall. A staple of Hogtown’s emerging alt-comedy scene of the '80s and CBC and Comedy Network airwaves in the '90s, the Kids are back with Death Comes to Town, an eight-part mini-series airing on the CBC. To mark the Kids’ triumphant return to Canadian TV, Torontoist is interviewing a different member of troupe more-or-less every other week while Death airs.

Illustration by Sasha Plotnikova/Torontoist.

Ask any Kids in the Hall fan and they’ll tell you: Dave Foley makes the prettiest lady. Appropriate then that Foley’s banner character in Death Comes to Town sees him donning drag again. But maybe “drag” is the wrong word. After all, for all their cross-dressing shenanigans, the Kids never seemed as if they were caricaturing women. Where the gents in Monty Python played the fairer sex as either high-strung housewives or barking crones, subbing in Carol Cleveland when they needed a “real” lady, the Kids never seemed to regard gender as a matter of cartoony costuming. For the most part, they tried their darndest to pass as women, not just men-dressed-as-women.

Marilyn Bowman, the soused Mayor of Shucktown in Death Comes to Town may seem plenty goofy (what with quadruple martinis and Lady Macbeth–styled political ambitions), but within the show’s larger comic operations, she fits in perfectly. As played by Foley, Marilyn is backwater Ontario’s answer to Sarah Palin: all pantsuits, thin smiles, and profound sadness. It's also appropriate that we wrap our series of Kids in the Hall profiles with Foley, since this week's series finale brings Marilyn to centre-stage, organizing an overly extravagant public execution where the series' many murder-mystery threads come together (some convincingly, others not so much).

Death Comes to Town also sees Foley trotting out his time-tested straight-man persona as Levon Blanchard, the unflappably disheartened director of a local news team, and snagging a few of the show’s riskier laughs as Doc Porterhouse, a jovial abortionist who hands out kittens with every operation. Considering Foley’s relative celebrity in the U.S.—after Kids in the Hall wrapped, Foley moved on to sitcom stardom as the cucumber-cool lead of NBC’s NewsRadio, where he spent five seasons reacting to the collected silliness of Phil Hartman, Andy Dick, Joe Rogan, and Jon Lovitz—it’s especially nice to see him back with the Kids in the Hall, freed from the purgatory of Celebrity Poker Showdown.


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Dave Foley and Daughter Alina Foley Pictures: The Spy Next Door Premiere Red Carpet Photos [13 Jan 2010|12:23pm]

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Dave Foley and Daughter Alina Foley Pictures: The Spy Next Door Premiere Red Carpet Photos

Dave Foley and Daughter Alina Foley Pictures: The Spy Next Door Premiere Red Carpet Photos

Dave Foley and Daughter Alina Foley Pictures: Dave Foley and his daughter Alina Foley pose on the red carpet at "The Spy Next Door" premiere held at The Grove on January 9, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

Bob Ho is an undercover CIA superspy who decides to give up his career in espionage to settle down with his next-door neighbor and girlfriend, Gillian. But Bob has one more mission to complete before Gillian agrees to marry him: winning over her three opinionated kids. When Gillian suddenly has to leave town, Bob volunteers to babysit the children so he can earn their approval. But when one of the kids mistakenly downloads a top-secret formula from his computer, Bob's archenemy, a Russian terrorist, moves in for the attack, forcing Bob to juggle the roles of spy and prospective stepfather in the most challenging mission of his career!

"The Spy Next Door," starring Jackie Chan, Alina Foley, Will Shadley, Madeline Carroll and George Lopez, opens in theaters nationwide on January 15.

Picture copyright: Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos

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Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald go back to '80s [13 Jan 2010|12:16pm]

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Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald go back to '80s
Set for CBC comedy series about a reunited rock band

By Etan Vlessing

Jan 12, 2010, 12:54 PM ET
TORONTO -- Satirical comics/actors Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald have signed with Canadian indie producer No Equal Entertainment to develop and star in a half-hour 1980s nostalgia comedy for Canwest Global Communications Corp.

The comedy series "Big in the 80s" will be executive produced by J.B. Sugar, Jonathan Kesselman and McDonald and Foley, both of whom are best-known for their 1990s sketch comedy series "Kids in the Hall" on the CBC.

Foley and McDonald will pen the script and star in the new Canadian comedy about former bandmates of a hot 1980s rock group that, after years of estrangement, are forced to reunite and live together.

The announcement of the comedy comes as the five-man Kids in the Hall troupe reteams for "Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town," a miniseries that debuts Tuesday night on the CBC.


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Foley In Pain After Concrete Slab Shatters His Toe [13 Dec 2009|07:12pm]

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Foley In Pain After Concrete Slab Shatters His Toe

Funnyman DAVE FOLEY wasn’t laughing as he limped through the pain of a smashed toe on his new film THE STRIP.

The A Bug’s Life star broke his big toe while moving a patio umbrella by the side of a pool a week before he was scheduled to start shooting - and had no chance of letting the injury heal in time.

Foley says, “I got up to move one of the patio umbrellas to shade my daughter and the 40 pound concrete base fell off of it and right on my big toe. My big toe exploded and it split it in three.

“When we were shooting the movie and every time I was walking I was re-breaking all the bones in my toe because you’re supposed to stay off it. But they were very nice to me. They had a wheelchair for me to sit in every time I wasn’t on camera and I would put my foot on ice. Even today it still hurts sometimes.”

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Dave Foley Finds the Funny in AIDS, Abortion, and Glenn Beck [12 Dec 2009|02:35pm]

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Dave Foley Finds the Funny in AIDS, Abortion, and Glenn Beck

December 10, 2009, 11:59 PM
There isn’t much to recommend The Strip, a new indie movie that opened in select theaters last weekend. The comedy about minimum wage employees at a strip mall is practically begging for comparisons with the cult hit Office Space but actually comes across like a less funny Employee of the Month. The Strip would be guaranteed a spot in the dustbin of late-night cable if it wasn’t for a surprisingly touching performance by Dave Foley.

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[25 Sep 2009|02:47pm]

Hi! I'm looking for an interview some guys did with Dave Foley, and it was really crappy, and Dave seemed not into it. And they kept asking stupid questions and Dave was like "yeah...what..." And they asked him if he was in some movie and he was like no but I did a voice in A Bug's Life or something and it was very humorous.
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Interview with Dave Foley AKA Bobby Fargo [31 Aug 2009|06:07pm]

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Interview with Dave Foley AKA Bobby Fargo

August 31, 11:52 AMLA Comedy ExaminerAndrea Kittelson


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In an attempt to understand the man that lurks beneath the façade of Bobby Fargo, "The Sensible Traveler", (catch Bobby’s illuminating travel tips on babelgum.com) I posed a few central questions.

So that I could comprehend the full breadth of Dave Foley’s obsession with safety (and hence Bobby Fargo’s words of warning) I posed the questions in a bunker just outside of Ottowa. Neither of us was drinking except for me because I don’t really care if I die or get hurt or embarrass myself, which will become, as you read on, rather evident.

Andrea: What inspired you to make Webisodes?

Dave: I was deeply affected by a near death experience I had while holidaying in France. It was summer. I ate a fromage baguette for lunch one day and was struck down with a horrible case of food poisoning. I was lucky to escape with my life, and, ever since that day, it has been my mission to warn others about the perils of travel.

Andrea: Are you a long-standing Web enthusiast, or were you lured into doing Webisodes?

Dave: I am a huge fan. I started that whole craze. Al Gore, who is not present, laughs. But no, everyone's turning to their computers and phones for entertainment. It seems like a logical place to have a show these days.

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Dave Foley stars in new web series [22 Aug 2009|03:25pm]

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Dave Foley stars in new web series

21 Aug, 2009  | by Brendan McLaughlin news

dave_foleyAre you one of those people who goes into a panic before a big trip? Don’t you with there was someone you could turn to for detailed safety tips on how to plan for the smoothest trip possible?

Look no further than The Sensible Traveler, the new web series starring Dave Foley, of News Radio and Kids in the Hall Fame. Think the anal rententive chef with less A.D.D. and more frequent flyer miles.

Naturally, The Sensible Traveler’s tips never work out as planned. Case in point: Episode 1, “Basic Safety Prep,” viewable here.

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The KIDS IN THE HALL Declare DEATH COMES TO TOWN! [11 Aug 2009|07:08pm]

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Posted by Todd Brown at 8:21am.

Aug 07, 2009

Posted in TV , Comedy, USA & Canada.

Word on this wasn’t supposed to go public until they start shooting in North Bay next week but, you know, Dave Foley’s got kind of a big mouth and he blabbed it all to Toronto radio station 680 News so here it is:

The Kids In The Hall are back.  Sure, they’ve come back a few times since internal pressure split up the Canadian cult comedy icons, patching up relationships to hit the road for a series of recent live appearances in which they apparently learned that they like each other again.  And so now they’re coming back to television for a brand new miniseries.  Titled Death Comes To Town it will be an eight episode, narrative based series - i.e. not sketch comedy - with a bit of a horror slant in which the Kids populate the entire town themselves.  Sound familiar?  It does to them, too ... says Foley:  “Probably the closest thing to it would be something like The League of Gentlemen, which I think was brilliant. So I hope it will be close to that.”

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ABC unwraps Disney toon for X-Mas [25 May 2009|01:20pm]

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ABC unwraps Disney toon for X-Mas

Dave Foley voices elf in 2009 holiday special

'Prep and Landing'
ABC has picked up Disney Animation's holiday spec 'Prep and Landing,' about a team of elite elves who prepare houses for Santa's arrival.

ABC has picked up the holiday special "Prep and Landing," the net's first program from sister Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Half-hour animated event revolves around an elite elves unit -- known as Prep and Landing -- that makes sure homes are ready for Santa's visit. Story centers on an elf (Dave Foley) who thinks he's about to get a promotion -- but instead is paired with a new recruit (Derek Richardson). The duo then go on their Christmas Eve mission, where they encounter unexpected challenges.

Sarah Chalke also provides a voice.

"It's all the humor you're used to seeing from the Disney animation and has great story appeal for adults," said Vicki Dummer, co-head of alternative series, specials and latenight at ABC.

John Lasseter is the exec producer, while Dorothy McKim is producer and Kevin Deters and Stevie Wermers-Skelton are the directors.

"Prep and Landing" actually came out of an initiative Lasseter launched when he first took over Disney Animation Studios. Lasseter asked animators to come up with ideas for shorts.

Later, during a meet-and-greet, ABC development execs took a look at the shorts and liked what they saw in "Prep and Landing."

"We were charmed by it and thought it was adorable," Dummer said. "Probably about five or six months later, Lasseter came in and pitched it as a television Christmas special."

"Bolt" director Chris Williams originally came up with the concept for "Prep and Landing" but then was too busy on that feature to take part in the TV special.

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Dave Foley to host Genie Awards [01 Apr 2009|11:59am]

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Dave Foley to host Genie Awards

Jay Stone, Canwest News Service  Published: Monday, March 30, 2009

Dave Foley will host the 2009 Genie Awards.CTV
Dave Foley will host the 2009 Genie Awards.

Canadian comedian Dave Foley, best known as one of the Kids in the Hall, will be the host of the 2009 Genie Awards, it was announced Monday.

The Genies, honouring the best in Canadian cinema, will be presented Saturday in Ottawa.

Sarah Polley and Gordon Pinsent - co-stars and Genie-winners from the hit movie Away From Her - head the list of celebrity presenters, who were also announced by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. Among the others to be presenting awards are actress Sheila McCarthy (The Stone Angel, Little Mosque on the Prairie), actors Rossif Sutherland (Poor Boy's Game) and Devon Bostick (Adoration, Being Erica), and Global National anchor Kevin Newman.

- The Genies will be broadcast Saturday at 9 p.m. on Global and IFC.

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[13 Mar 2009|04:10pm]

Once I was watching Tom Goes to the Mayor, and saw Dave Foley as a special guest. This made me incredibly happy, because I love both of these things immensely.
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Dave Foley signed to new U.S. comedy Freeloaders [02 Feb 2009|02:02am]

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Dave Foley signed to new U.S. comedy Freeloaders


January 31, 2009

Toronto -- Canadian comedic actor and writer Dave Foley, no stranger to ensemble casts, has signed up for Freeloaders, a new U.S. television comedy produced by Broken Lizard (the funny troupe behind the cult-hit film Super Troopers) and Counting Crows front man Adam Duritz.

The project, which begins shooting next month according to Variety, involves an entourage whose layabout life of luxury is threatened when the rock star they hang onto decides to sell his mansion. Besides Foley (NewsRadio, Kids in the Hall), the cast includes Jane Seymour, Josh Lawson and Brit Morgan.

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Hey Everyone! [04 Jan 2009|01:35am]

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Having some technical difficulties [14 Dec 2008|07:37pm]

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A little Dave talk from the star of Stargate Atlantis [14 Dec 2008|07:25pm]

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